Leak-Free Flapperless Toilets

The Flapperless name has become synonymous with performance. Homeowners and industry professionals alike have come to know the dependability and quality of Flapperless products.  No Flapper or chain to continually adjust means no leaks.  A leaky toilet can cost you hundreds of dollars per year.  These toilets will provide years of maintenance free dependable use.  Our toilets are available in either HET 4.8 litres per flush, or 6 litres per flush.  We have them installed in our showroom so you can see and hear them flush.

Claremont Series

The Claremont Series are one of the most water efficient comfort height toilets available.

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Simcoe Series

The Flapperless Simcoe is the only HET round front two-piece toilet that features the patented leak-free Flapperless flushing system.

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