Mirrors & Glass

The Finishing Touch

Glass World’s high quality mirrors and glass add the finishing touch to any room!


Glass World can custom cut your mirror to virtually any size. Our mirrors can also be arrised, bevelled, polished, or trimmed in chrome, satin or brush nickel finish.  We also have a wide array of frames availble for you to choose from all conviently awaiting you in our state of the art showroom!

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Back Painted Glass

Get ready for the next big thing.  It is here, and on display with its many applications in our showroom.  Back painted Glass can be used for anything.  In our showroom we have it on display as tub decks, both deck mount and undermount, countertops, backsplashes and complete tub and shower surrounds.  It can take the place of tile, granite, marble, and all shower and tub surround materials.  Can be colour matched to any colour and adds a definitive wow factor to any of the applications you choose to use it on.

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Custom Glass

At Glass World, our equipment and our highly skilled people allow us to do amazing things with glass.  Shevling, counter tops, steam rooms and doors, total vision store fronts, you name it.  If it is glass, we can do it.

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